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November 9, 2012


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Hey Homestucks.
Ever wanted a quick and easy way to find out your troll self? Well, I have one (although it's based on something I found on Tumblr)

Your name: type your name in to this name generator (…

Your blood color: the blood color of the troll who has your rising sign (found with this…

Your lusus: Go to this Wikipedia page (… find the section that begins with the first letter of your last name (under terms by species or taxon). Add your birth-date and birth-month and count down that number from the beginning of the section. If that number is too big for the number of animals listed, go back to the beginning once you reach the end. If you get an aquatic animal and you aren't a purpleblood, go to the next animal. If you're a Tyrianblood (Pisces rising), skip this part and put Gl'bgolyb down as your lusus.

Your interests: go to this generator (… and the first set you generate are your interests.

Your Trollian handle: go to this generator (… and input the genetic sequence letters of the troll who shares your blood color (e.g. AA if you're a burgundyblood like Aradia) and click the button 12 times. The twelfth generated handle is yours.

Your strife specibus: go to this Wikipedia page (… and count down the number of letters in your middle name to determine type. If you don't get a specific kind, click on the link and do it again until you get a specific weapon)
Your God Tier class: the class of the troll who has your Sun sign
Your God Tier aspect: the aspect of the troll who has your Moon sign (found by using this calculator:…
Your land: Go to this link (… ) and find the section for your aspect. Count over the number letters in your first name to get your first land word and count over the number of letters in your last name from that word to get your second word.
Whether you dream on Prospit or Derse: If you were born on an odd-numbered day, you're a Prospit dreamer. If you were born on an even-numbered day, you're a Derse dreamer
Your consorts: Your favorite color is the color of your consorts. Now, to find out their species, go to this link (… and count down the number of letters in the color.
Your denizen: check this link (… to find the denizen associated with your aspect. If your aspect doesn't have a denizen, think of a figure from Greek mythology associated with that aspect.

For example, here's my trollself
Name: Freyja Baruch
Blood color: deep blue
Lusus: a rook (a type of crow)
Interests: zombie films, gymnastics and country music
Trollian handle: crookedThinker
Strife specibus: axkind
God Tier: Maid of Void
Land: Land of Valleys and Artifacts
Consorts: purple newts
Denizen: Nyx
Dreams on: Derse

Comment with your trollself
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Emilisparkles Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Mah OC :]
Name: Demiti Alolin
Blood Color: Green
Lusus: Eagel
Interests: Creepy stuff, internet.
Trollian Handle: DeepTreeThing
Strife Specibus: Swordkind
God Tier: Mage of Breath
Denizen: IT DUN WORK
Dreams on: Derse

Some I left out BC I was too lazy.. Also this picture is just a joke..
ReadingTheHomestuck Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  New member
the first one works and 'Your land' works the rest don't anymore an update would be awesome ^u^
ramen-artist Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
(( Copy the link address then put on the bar on top, remove the superfluous characters then press enter. ))
DeadBeforeIDied13 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Name: Atreyu Anguta
Blood Colour: Olive
Lusus: Komodo Dragon
Interests: Renaissance music, pottery, dolphins, and gothic liturature.
Trollian Handel: gardenAuxiliatrix
Strife: Shotgunkind 
God Tier: Rogue of Mind
Land of: Ideas and Sparks
Derse Dreamer
Consorts: Red Tortoises 
Denzine: Harmonia

(Horns: Pair of Corkskrews
Sign: A Heart  balanced on top of a Triangle
Quirk: FirsT AnD LasT LetteR IN CapS :D EmoticonS FoR PuncuatioN)

My brother: 
Name: Akatos Anguta
Blood: Teal
Lusus: Kaffir Cat
Interests: checkers, sailboats, ballet, and octopi.
Trollian Handel: 
Strife: Battleriflekind 
God Tier: Seer of Blood
Land of: Arteries and War
Derse Dreamer
Consorts: Blue Tortoises
Denzine: Ichor

(Horns: Knitting Needles 
Sign: The Egeria symbol
Quirk: fIRSt aNd lASt lETTEr lOWEr cASe* uSEs sYMBOLs oTHEr tHAn pUNTUATIOn mARKs fOr pUNCTUATIOn) 

SomE OF ThE LinkS Didn'T WorK :( YoU MaY WanT TO LooK AT ThaT ;) 


Why-the-1st Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Abelin Fomori

Blood Color: Turquoise

Lusus: Leopard

Strife Specibus: pistolkind

Interests: Your character's interests include architecture, carpentry, and comic books.

Trollian Chum Handle: antediluvianGuardian

God Tier: Seer of Rage

Land: Land of Discord and Suspicion (Lodas)

Dreamer: Derse

Consorts: Blue Reptiles

Denizen: Cetus

NyanSalemNyan Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Name: Bunjil Afrori
Blood colour: Green
Lusus: Nightingale
Trollian handle name: Anticlimactic Genetics (Had to think of it myself)
Interests: Jack o'lanterns, archery, and angsty romantic heroes.
Strife specibus: Riflekind
God tier: Knight of heart
Land: Land of Inspiration and Relics
Dreamer: Derse
Consorts: Purple caecilians
Denizen: Nyx
HomestuckAlanna Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I had to delete all of the parenthesis just to get what i want
HomestuckAlanna Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Afelna Falvyn
Blood Color:Teal
Lusus: Falcon
Trollian Handle: twinTherapist
Strife: Grenadelauncherkind
God Tier: Mage of Doom
Land: Land of undead and decay
Consorts: (the site failed me)
Denizen: (site failed me again)
Dreams: Prospit
roxy292 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Falvyn Almere
Blood: Purple
Lusus: Lobster
Interests: Sewing, Frogs, and Scarves
Trollian Handle: snappyClaws
Strife specibus: WandKind
God Tier: Maid of Breath
Land: Land of Mist and Spirit
Consorts: Purple Tree Frogs
Denizen: Typheus
Dreams on: Derse
AllAboardTheSSDerp Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Name: Niyazi Chakra

Interests: cute woodland animals, martial arts movies, jewelry-making and calligraphy

Blood Color: Purple

Trollian Handle: gallowsRegect

Lusus: Shark

Strife Specibus: Machine gun kind

God Tier: Knight of Heart

Player Planet: Land of Security and Anima

Dreams on: Prospit

Inhabitants: Black Turtles

Denizen: Yaldabaoth

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